Dog Care

Within the state-of-the-art facility are a total of 22 private indoor suites/pens with adjacent 16-foot long private outdoor, sheltered runs/patio. The dogs have their privacy, and if they wish, can see and sense their local neighbor. This type of environment is conducive to positive socialization for dogs and also helps reduce separation anxiety which dogs can suffer from if isolated (i.e. confined to a room).  Doggy Daycare guest enjoy their own private quarters inside & out during down times.

There are Kuranda beds in each of the accommodations so the dogs are not directly on the floor. We encourage bringing from home some light bedding (dog blanket or towel) that has scent from home on it.  The dog's living quarters environment makes it virtually impossible for the housing of parasites. The floors are antibacterial and non-skid.

The building is heated by the Cadillac for dogs, with radiant in-floor heat. This reduces the risk of kennel cough or other airborne viruses if they are in the environment since existing air is not forced within the building. A sophisticated air management system exhausts bad air from the building and takes in fresh outdoor air, with more than 70 air changes per day through a special HEPA filter. In the hotter summer months, electronic climate-controlled air conditioners are used.  Vaccine requirements can be found on our business policies page here business polcies  


For hygiene purposes we only use stainless steel bowls and buckets. The water on the premises is treated and filtered.  The building is cleaned and disinfected using only veterinary grade disinfectants/cleaners possessing wide spectrum virucidal, bacterial and fungicidal activity (including Bordatella bronchiseptica – kennel cough).

Exercise, Socialization, Interaction

There is 24-hour music for the dogs. In the afternoons daily matinees are played on 6 large colour televisions in the boarding section of the building. All dogs have a view to a local television.

Adjacent to the building are three large fenced play areas for the dogs to socialize and exercise in. There are ramps, bridges, platforms, shelter and trees for shade from the sun. Our various packages include "Friends Fun" socializing/vigorous exercise or individual "Play Gym" exercise. This type of exercise in group fashion also stimulates the dogs, tiring them out more than just a long walk or wandering on a bush walk. This results in tired, happy dogs. We monitor the socialization and exercise based on each dog's needs.

For dogs that require a regimented walk, our facility is situated on 39.5 acres of beautiful pines with private trails.

Nutrition and Treats

We do recommend bringing the food that is fed to your dog.    RAW food feeding/storage/disinfection charge is $5/day.   Dogs usually don't do well under sudden changes of diet. If you do choose to have your dog fed our Nutrition program meals (our in house meals) there is an extra cost per feeding of: $1 for dogs under 25 lbs, $2 for dogs 26-50 lbs, $3 for dogs 51-75 lbs, $4 for dogs 76-100 lbs and $5 for dogs 101-125 lbs.  HST is extra

Special Services

We also provide special, geriatric and surgery recovery care. Please feel free to ask for details.

For pricing visit our rates page.

Cobalt the happy dog.